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This has been a very difficult and trying time for us all in South Africa, and around the world. I hope you are all staying safe and as sane as can be expected..

Let us know what you have all been up to during this surreal situation..

Warrick Receiving his 10 years of service certificate

Young Horse & reonet Grand Prix

This weekend the Sunny Parkers made us proud again at the young horse performance series and the Reonet show. Thanks to the sponsors of these amazing shows #Reonet and #equestrianaffair. 

Hailey Strydom winning the 1.30m Championship Class

*Maxine and KK taking 4th place in the 7yo showjumping category.

*Katie and Tokyo had a pole down in the 6yo category. 

*Katie and Ben jumping very well but unfortunately a few poles down in the 7yo category. 

*Musa and Zero with super rounds and one pole down in the 6yo category. 

*Emma and Lux had some poles down in their first round and then went clear in their second round. 

#Western Shoppe #Fulvic Health


Penbritte show 1st Feb

What a wonderful day out. The vibe was great, the riders earnt their sunny park Numnahs 😉 Our Sunny Park team competed at Penbritte Saturday 1st Feb, and they have all come home with amazing performances. A huge thanks to the Penbritte Equestrian Centre team for a lovely show! With Nicola still in recovery, her horses performed really well with their temporary jockeys. 

Results to follow 🌷

Results as follows: 

🐴Lexi and Ripstick taking a 1st place and a clear

🐴Kellen and Merlin with a double clear and 4pen. 

🐴Trinity and Time trial with 4pen in each class.

🐴Anushka and Grand with a 5th place and 4pen and 3rd in the Thoroughbred series. 

🐴Nikita and Paddy’s Fancy with an 8th place and 4 pen. 

🐴Maxine and KK with a 2nd place and 4pen. 

🐴Lauren and Connie with 2 x 2nd places.

🐴Lauren and Ruby with a 1st place. 

🐴Katie and Tokyo with 4pen and 8pen.

🐴Katie and Ben with 6th place but taking a 2nd and 3rd place in the Thoroughbred series. 

🐴Lovemore and Boucher with a 2nd and 4 pen but with a 2nd in the Thoroughbred series. 

🐴Sarah-Rose and Karl with a 4th place and 12 pen in the jump off. 


DUNBLANE 26th February 2020

Show season has started and what a better place to start than almost in your own back yard. Thanks to Brigitte Kim Karels and her team at Dunblane Equestrian & Equine Hydro Therapy for hosting such a lovely show here in the East!! Sunny Parkers came out in full force along with all their supporters and everyone had amazing rounds and lay some solid foundations for the year ahead. Thanks to our staff and amazing coach Nicola Sime for making the ship sail smoothly. Results as follows: #Anushka and Grand ended with two 1st places in their first show together.#Hailey and Cosmo taking two 1st places. #Lovemore and Boucher taking two 1st places. #Katie and Struben with two 2nd places. #Morgan and Avatar ending with two 2nd places. #Jordyn and Wap with a 1st and a clear.#Tayden and Thunder with a 1st and 3rd place. #Musa and Legs with a 3rd place and a clear. #Jessica and Sheik with a 3rd place and 4 pen.#Musa and Ultimo with clears. #Jessica and Connie with clears. #Katie and Tokyo with a clear and 4pen. #Sasha and Enkidu with a clear and 4pen. #Lexi and Ripstick with 4pen in each class. #Kellen and Merlin with 4pen in each class. #Sarah Rose and Karl with 8pen in each class in their first show together. #Musa and GT with a clear and 4 pen. #Musa and Concaro with 4pen in each class. Well ridden everyone👏👏👏

Fulvic Health , Western Shoppe, Nicola Sime-Riley

🦄 Makeover in the near future 🦄

Hi y’all

We have finally managed to find someone who has helped us unlock our website… WordPress has been very difficult to get hold of but thanx to ParallaxStudios we have managed to get back in!!!

We will be doing a makeover and keeping everyone up to date with whats new and all our results etc

Let us know what more you would like to see….

Looking forward to the revamp 😊💃🏼