Penbritte show 1st Feb

What a wonderful day out. The vibe was great, the riders earnt their sunny park Numnahs 😉 Our Sunny Park team competed at Penbritte Saturday 1st Feb, and they have all come home with amazing performances. A huge thanks to the Penbritte Equestrian Centre team for a lovely show! With Nicola still in recovery, her horses performed really well with their temporary jockeys. 

Results to follow 🌷

Results as follows: 

🐴Lexi and Ripstick taking a 1st place and a clear

🐴Kellen and Merlin with a double clear and 4pen. 

🐴Trinity and Time trial with 4pen in each class.

🐴Anushka and Grand with a 5th place and 4pen and 3rd in the Thoroughbred series. 

🐴Nikita and Paddy’s Fancy with an 8th place and 4 pen. 

🐴Maxine and KK with a 2nd place and 4pen. 

🐴Lauren and Connie with 2 x 2nd places.

🐴Lauren and Ruby with a 1st place. 

🐴Katie and Tokyo with 4pen and 8pen.

🐴Katie and Ben with 6th place but taking a 2nd and 3rd place in the Thoroughbred series. 

🐴Lovemore and Boucher with a 2nd and 4 pen but with a 2nd in the Thoroughbred series. 

🐴Sarah-Rose and Karl with a 4th place and 12 pen in the jump off. 


🦄 Makeover in the near future 🦄

Hi y’all

We have finally managed to find someone who has helped us unlock our website… WordPress has been very difficult to get hold of but thanx to ParallaxStudios we have managed to get back in!!!

We will be doing a makeover and keeping everyone up to date with whats new and all our results etc

Let us know what more you would like to see….

Looking forward to the revamp 😊💃🏼

2021 january newsletter

We wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2021, please stay safe and social distance with your masks on al the time.

Lessons will resume 15th January and we are looking forward to getting going again… Let the training and the shows begin

At least we’re out in the open with plenty of fresh air 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Let the riding begin……. 😝

2020 FEI Challenge

After the struggle with covid-19 this year and not too many shows… Sunny Park Stables has had a really great run…

Laurin McLaren winning the FEI Gold tour on her horse Locarno Nandi securing her place to go and compete in the Final in 2021 in Jakarta Indonesia – Exciting times

There are three competitions ridden all over the world, the same jumping tracks in the same sized arena with exactly the same fences, distances etc. The first round in each Leg is just to stay clear i.e no penalties and the second round the altered track is measured on time including penalties.

The riders each nominate the horse they wish to put as their FEI horse and carry their penalties and time through all three Legs, the best 2 of the 3 scores count.

Laurin had two 2nd places and 1st place in the final, all clear rounds, she was one of 2 riders in SA that jumped all clears so Laurin cinched her place in Jakarta with this final amazing win.

Nicola and Laurin will travel to Jakarta for her to compete in the final once we know dates we will keep you posted… Exciting times ahead

Below is the link with all our riders overall placings, wow you guys flew the Sunny Park flag high 💃🏼💃🏼


Gold Tour

Laurin McLaren and Locarno Nandi 1st place

Hailey Strydom and Locarno Cosmopolitan 4th place

Musa Maluleke having a 6th place in the third leg finishing lower down overall

Bronze Tour

Sarah Rose Friend and Locarno Kir Royal 2nd place


On a sad note, we lost our wonderful friend and breeder of #LocarnoStud , Klaus Kok. You will be sorely missed, we thank you for breeding such amazing horses and for being such a great ambassador in our sport 💔😞

2020 presidents cup


What and amazing show for Sunny Park Stables.

Nicola and Sunny Park Insaghi winning the 1.50/1.60m Presidents Cup and Hailey Strydom winning the Junior Open 1.30m Presidents Cup

Well Done ladies 💃🏼🍾

Live streaming link –

#WesternShoppe #FulvicHealth #VersveldPhysio

Nicola Sime-Riley and her wonderful Stallion Insaghi DB Winners of the 2020 Presidents cup.
Hailey Strydom and her lovely hope Locarno Cosmopolitan winners of the Junior Presidents Cup

Covid Newsletter August 2020

Dear All

These last few months have been one of the toughest things for any of us to endure. It’s been a long and difficult time, but there has always been light at the end of the tunnel.

You have stuck it out and bore these strict regulations and we thank you for all your support, it really means a lot that you have kept our staff safe during this time.

With the relaxing of the restrictions announced this weekend, we will be opening up the yard a bit more, yay 👏🎉.

But…… as the president mentioned, with the opening up there will be even higher risks of contacting the virus…

With this in mind, we will be putting sanitising stations up in various areas around the yard.

There will still be areas that are out of bounds to all but our staff, please look for the signage.

You will now be able to saddle up and unsaddle your own horses, take them to and from their stables and spend a bit more time with them. 

If any clients would still like the saddle up service, this can be arranged for a small fee. Please contact us if you would like this to continue.

Some additional rules:

Only 2 people in the tack room at a time and sanitize your hands on the way in.


Weekends, there will be times to come and ride no deviations, 7am-10am in mornings and 3pm-5pm afternoons. Social distancing to be adhered to at all times.

For those who ride on weekends, you will be responsible for putting your horses in paddocks in morning or into stables in afternoons after riding and cooling them down. 

Please carry your Sanitizer with you and spray handles in paddocks and or stables doors etc.

Unfortunately, access control is still a requirement so remotes will not be reinstated at this time. We will still have check-in at the boom gate.

There are still no gatherings of more than 50 people permitted, but in saying this the sitting area on the benches will be opened up around both arenas. 

Sitting area on couches will remain out of bounds until further notice.

In order to protect our staff and clients alike, we will enforce the rules. Infringements will lead to a ONE-week suspension for first offences and if it happens again, a further TWO-week suspension. 

Please remember we are still under level 2. Social distancing at 2m apart and please carry your sanitizer with you and sanitize wherever you have sat.

The rules are for everyone’s safety and we appreciate your understanding. 

Kind Regards


Nicola Sime


Nicola Sime-Riley 0829003067