Penbritte show 1st Feb

What a wonderful day out. The vibe was great, the riders earnt their sunny park Numnahs 😉 Our Sunny Park team competed at Penbritte Saturday 1st Feb, and they have all come home with amazing performances. A huge thanks to the Penbritte Equestrian Centre team for a lovely show! With Nicola still in recovery, her horses performed really well with their temporary jockeys. 

Results to follow 🌷

Results as follows: 

🐴Lexi and Ripstick taking a 1st place and a clear

🐴Kellen and Merlin with a double clear and 4pen. 

🐴Trinity and Time trial with 4pen in each class.

🐴Anushka and Grand with a 5th place and 4pen and 3rd in the Thoroughbred series. 

🐴Nikita and Paddy’s Fancy with an 8th place and 4 pen. 

🐴Maxine and KK with a 2nd place and 4pen. 

🐴Lauren and Connie with 2 x 2nd places.

🐴Lauren and Ruby with a 1st place. 

🐴Katie and Tokyo with 4pen and 8pen.

🐴Katie and Ben with 6th place but taking a 2nd and 3rd place in the Thoroughbred series. 

🐴Lovemore and Boucher with a 2nd and 4 pen but with a 2nd in the Thoroughbred series. 

🐴Sarah-Rose and Karl with a 4th place and 12 pen in the jump off. 


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