SPEC Newsletter June 2017

[dropcap style=”font-size: 70px; color: #052b51; font-family: ‘Droid Serif’, Arial, sans-serif;”] I [/dropcap] t feels like I have to greet all of you very formally since it has been so long since our last newsletter. We have had so many shows and there has been lots of things happening around the yard.

I am now administrating the Facebook page, so between that and the newsletters, we will try to keep you all on top of things. We have had our SPEC committee meeting on the 31st May and we have quite a few decisions that were taken that we need to communicate to you all. I think one of the most exciting parts of the meeting was when we realised that SPEC is the biggest club on the East Rand. Thank you for your loyal support and as a SPEC committee we will endeavour to make your membership work for you. Please remember the HHCU fund raiser. We would like to see all SPEC members and Sunny Park riders there on that evening. You can chat to Nicola and get tickets from her. We need some volunteers to sell tickets at the upcoming Children’s Derby at the end of the month. Please get the kids involved. They love moving around in groups and doing this at shows.

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Upcoming shows

Please make sure you are entered in the following shows that Nicola will be attending. Very important notice!!! If you wish to compete in the junior and Children’s FEI, and you do not have a FEI registration number yet, please contact SASJ and get that done as soon as possible. The first Junior FEI (15 years and older) is on the 22nd and 23rd of July and the Children’s FEI (12 years to 14 years) is in August.

  • 10/11 June: SANESA Q4
  • 17/18 June: Shongweni
  • 1/2 July: Children’s and Junior Derby
  • 22/23 July: 1st Junior FEI challenge
  • 29/30 July: SANESA Gauteng Finals

Good luck to everyone competing!!


Social at shows: We would like to continue with the team building atmosphere at some of our bigger shows. Remember to wear Sunny Park attire if you can and come and join us under the Gazebo.  The next big show is the Children’s derby the end of the month. Please sell some of the Barnyard tickets that you can get from Nicola during your lessons. Please remember that there were some compulsory events that needed to be attended by SPEC members. Everyone has really done well in attending. The following events are still to be attended:

-The final SANESA Qualifier that happens this coming weekend. Please come in your numbers. Bring a picnic basket, let the kids bring their jumps and have some fun around the Gazebo!

-The Adult Derby which normally takes place around October.  We will communicate arrangements closer to the time.

SAEF: We have been in communication with SAEF but since their IT system crashed, it has been quite difficult to get any communication from them.  Please just make sure you are all registered on their system and that you are in fact paid up members. Any Queries can be done telephonically on 011 468 3236/7 or via email admin@saef.org.za.

SASJ: Most of you have received emails concerning the voting of a new committee. I am trying to get to understand the whole structure and will communicate further with you via the Facebook page. Please get involved as we can actually start making a difference only when we have elected members representing us in the committees. Natalie Reyneke has been nominated to stand for the Ekurhuleni committee. Please keep your eyes peeled with the developments in this regard. If anyone would like to serve on the committee please speak to Jan so we can get you nominated asap.

Horse sickness: Please speak to Jan as soon as you can if your horse is stabled at Sunny Park. She needs to know when you are doing your shows in June and July as the horses need to go into horse sickness. Most of them will be done on the 23rd June unless you have discussed it with Jan. Remember that the shots are 3 weeks apart. During the 2nd week after each shot, your horse must not be working excessively hard as a precautionary measure.

The Flu shots will be done in July and as this is a dead Vaccine, the horses carry on working as they normally do.

Save the Dates:

****24th June****

We want to invite all the members of SPEC and Sunny Park Stables clients to join in on a fun day at the yard! From 2pm we will have fires ready and we will be selling craft beer and Cappuccinos to raise funds! Bring your picnic blanket and meat (chop end dop in Afrikaans). The kids will be challenged to power jumps, six bar events, and jumping courses……all on foot!! We are getting our development riders to build the courses and be judges for the day! Please indicate who will be available for us to arrange such an event via text on one of the show chat groups or via text to me 073 513 1454. Please join in the fun!!

We have not received any more communication about the inter yard challenge that was going to take place on the 9th July. As soon as I receive any information, I will communicate via Facebook so we can get our teams sorted.

We would like to host a development/Grass roots yard challenge around September to celebrate the young riders and to put the enjoyment back into the sport we all love so much. We are thinking to host it in September and it will consist of a Micro derby 30/40cm with a proper trophy and Sash for the winners.  We will be letting different yards compete for points in all the fun events, not on horses and similar to the old Pony Club events.  We are hoping to get all the events sponsored and keep entry fees minimal i.e. R20 per competitor. I will be putting together a committee to assist me with all the arrangements. Please let me know if you are available to serve via text or email estrydom2@gmail.com or 0735131454.


Please go and like our Facebook page if you have not done so yet. We also have a SPEC club page now which is more for marketing purposes. Most of the interesting rider stories will be posted on Social media.  Please remember to share your stories with us. Funny falls, Pretty photos or selfies and any other news or photos you would like to share with us. Get it on camera and get it to me! Congratulations on all your wonderful show results!

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Congratulations to our newest partnerships in the yard:

Hailey and Locarno Cosmopolitan

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 2.43.38 PMKellen and Magic Merlin

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 2.43.45 PMJessica and Sheick a little

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~ Elize Strydom