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Leovet Vitamin-Active

Vitmin-Active with handy portion pump (1000ml)

A supplemental feed with ten vitamins, eight minerals, ginseng and yeast.

Yields strength and support for high performance and during recovery. Offsets the effects of inadequate nutrition. Strengthens and harmonizes, reducing stress-related reactions. Makes shedding of the coat easier, and lets the hair really shine, also enhancing the immune system. Provides foals with important nutrients during lactation.

Vitality via vitamins: Vitamins help the metabolism run smoothly. They improve the build-up of muscle and enhance overall fitness and conditioning. Actively enhances the horse’s willingness to perform.

Strength from minerals and trace elements: Minerals are very important for the body, and serve as building blocks for the bones, blood, teeth and cells. They regulate muscle contractions, the metabolism and activate many enzymes.

Inner equilibrium from ginseng: Ginseng harmonizes body and soul, and strengthens the ability to deal with inner and outer pressures and stress.

Well-being from yeast: Improves intestinal flora, thereby reducing disorders of the stomach and intestines. Increases the quality of the hoof and adds shine to the coat.

Test it on your own horse and see just how well the liquid formula is absorbed by the equine system.

Leovet Biotin ZM Liquid

For healthy hoof growth with enhanced horn quality.

Biotin ZM Liquid actively encourages growth of keratin in the hoof, causing healthy and strong horn to grow back.

Contains the aminoacid, methionine and the trace element, zinc. A brittle, cracked, easily broken or poorly growing hoof horn can often be traced to insufficient nutrients in the diet, especially biotin deficiency. The surface of the horn will soon become smooth and the hoof itself more durable – a clear sign of healthy growth from deep inside. Zinc, an important trace element present in many body enzymes, promotes growth and development.

The combination of these essential ingredients in Biotin ZM liquid not only increases the quality of the horn, but also actively encourages growth.

Biotin ZM liquid supplies the essential vitamin H in fluid form, enabling precise dosing. It firmly coats concentrated feed while avoiding wastage, ensuring that the horse takes in 100% of its goodness.

The practical dosage-top automatically serves up the desired amount. Beautiful, strong hooves and shiny, healthy hair don’t grow in overnight, hence our recommendation that you make Biotin ZM a regular part of your horse’s diet.

Leovet Power to go

Contains 12% L-Carnitine

For a great athletic appearance, full-power vibrancy and a readiness to perform.

Helps build the musculature and enhances muscle power and endurance.

L-Carnitine is a vitamin-like substance which among other things promotes readiness to perform, helps sustain and build the musculature and shortens the recovery time needed after strenuous exercise.

Nutritional supplement for horses.


The new Leoveties – so delicious, so healthy!

Reward your horse with Leoveties – now available in three new fruity and aromatic flavours.

Apple Cranberry A crisp nutritional treat for a healthy horse and improved performance Cranberries – packed with vitamins and antioxidants – contribute to the overall well-being of your horse Apples- a natural source of vitamins, fibre, mineral nutrients, and fruit acids – enhance performance.

Carrot Fenugreek A wholesome reward which is not only delicious, but effective Irritations of the mucous membranes in the respiratory and digestive tracts are soothed by the pleasant, gentle, regenerative properties of fenugreek Carrots provide beta-carotene which gives the coat a glossy shine and keeps skin and hooves healthy A survey taken by British scientists documents the wide popularity of this flavour among horses.

Banana Pineapple Papaya A fruity and tasty treat for the active horse Banana and pineapple – both high in healthy carbohydrates, mineral nutrients, and enzymes – provide an ideal source of energy, quickly and easily Banana Pineapple Papaya Leoveties help to prevent infections and strengthen resistance against stress and strain.

Herbal Horse Immune Mix

Herbal Horse’s Immune Mix contains a blend of herbs that will boost your horse’s natural immune system response to disease, enabling him or her to fight off pathogens more efficiently. This product should be used during epidemics, such as African Horse Sickness, when moving stable yards or going to a lot of events, for allergies and if your horse is frequently exposed to foreign pathogens. Contains Echinacea (been proven to increase the immune response to disease), garlic (been shown to be more effective than 9 kinds of antibiotics) and bioflavonoids (healing molecules found in citrus fruits). Caution: not to be used in pregnant mares as it contains Ginseng. Recent research has indicated that Echinacea should not be given long term if the immune system is chronically weakened (eg in the case of AIDs in humans).

Natural Horse Care Products’ Fly Spray

Natural Horse Care offers an all natural fly spray designed with the horse’s skin and coat in mind. It will keep flies off your horse whilst treating the coat and skin at the same time. This spray has a very neutral smell – a nice change from many other fly sprays that have a very strong aggravating smell which leads to a string of sneezing and watery eyes. The spray is also suitable for dogs as well. Another beneficial effect of the Neem Oil added to the spray mix is that it will ride your dog of fleas and also works as a repellent against the Culicoides midges that spread African Horse Sickness.


Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is an alternative medicine that offers anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral remedies. It is used as preventative medication and has been used in the treatment of: Acne, arthritis, athlete’s foot, candida, cystitis fibrosis, herpes, indigestion, influenza, rheumatism, and septic conditions of eyes, ears, mouth and throat, staph & strep infections, thrush, tonsillitis and a variety of viruses. Colloidal Silver claims to help the immune system.

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