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Top SA Showjumper Nicola Sime-Riley – horse riding lessons & livery.

Horse riding lessons and livery at Sunny Park Stables in Benoni with SA’s Top showjumper Nicola Sime.

Equestrian tuition for all levels and ages of riders wishing to discover a lifelong dream.

The facilities include beautiful brick stables, a wash bay, horse walker, solarium as well as knowledgeable grooms, ensuring your horse is well taken care of.
Are you looking to enhance your horse riding skills?
Look no further!
Not only is Nicola a qualified SANEF and FEI instructor, a National Equitation Judge & one of South Africa’s top show jumpers but she has also had tremendous success coaching many riders to open level.
With 3 big sand arenas, 1 grass derby training arena, and a lunge arena so you’ll have ample space to practice and perfect your riding techniques.
Whether you’re a competitive rider or just looking to improve your horsemanship, Sunny Park Stables caters to all levels. And here’s the best part – the owner lives on the property, adding an extra layer of care and attention to all the horses.
Are You Ready to take the reins and elevate your riding experience?
Contact Nicola Sime Riley at 082 900 3067 for more information and to book your lessons. 🐎 Let’s saddle up for an unforgettable riding journey together! #HorseRidingLessons #SunnyParkStables #NicolaSime #EquestrianExcellence

Amazing results at Penbritte Equestrian Centre April 22nd 2023

After a long wait we have updated the website. We will continue to update and improve our website as we go!

So Welcome Back!

Whats new? What did we miss?

Lets discuss the shows recently attended-

Sasha and Kidu
Sasha and Kidu
🤩Amazing results at Penbritte Equestrian Centre April 22nd 2023!
it was a busy one and so successful for our riders. Beyond proud of these rider results.
Sasha Reyneke and Enkidu
1.20 Competition
2nd place🥈
1st place Thoroughbred series🥇
Sasha Reyneke and Enkidu
1.30 A2 Competition
2nd place🥈
1st place Thoroughbred series🥇
Laurin Jean Harding McLaren and Jeanine’s Reach For Gold
1.10m A2 Competition-1st place 🥇
Laurin McLaren and Jeanine’s Reach For Gold 1.10m Competition-3rd place 🥉
Gabrielle Parkes in 1.10 m Thoroughbred Series – 3rd place
Kellen McLaren and Lorcarno Nandi, 1.20m Competition-1st place 🥇
Kellen McLaren and Lorcarno Nandi
1.20m A2 Competition
2 poles
Aria and Daydream Ripstick 80cm Competition 4 penalties
Aria and Daydream Ripistick 80cm Competition 1st place 🥇
Aria and Melificent 70cm A2 Competition 3rd place 🥉
Aria and Melificent 70cm Competition 3rd place 🥉
Dinkwe and Harry 80cm Competition second and third for thoroughbred 🥈
Dinkwe and Harry 80cm A2 comp 8pen
Musa Maluleke and Limitless 1.10m competition 6th place 🏅
Musa and Limitless 1.10m A2 comp 4pen
Musa and Ultimo 1.20m competition 4pen
Musa and Ultimo 1.20m A2 comp 3rd 🥉
Christine Kahn and Capital Chaplin
1,10m Competition 1 pole
Christine Kahn and Capital Chaplin
1,10 A2 Speed 4th 🏅
Christine Kahn and Callaho La Luna
1,30m Competition 1 pole
Christine Kahn and Callaho La Luna
1,30m A2 Speed 4 poles
Marlein & DC
1.30m Competition 2nd 🥈
A2 Poles
Marlein & Legs
1.20m Competition 1pole
A2 Poles
Chuzel & Joey
1m Competition 4 pen
A2 4 pen
Chuzel & Griffin
90cm Competition 8 pen
A2 8 pen
Luzché Greeff and San’’s Dancer
1.10m Competition Poles
Luzché Greeff and San’’s Dancer
1.10m A2 Poles
Sarah Rose and Locarno Kir Royal
130m Competition 2 poles
Sarah-Rose Friend and Locarno Kir Royal
130m A2 Speed 3 poles
Annelie and Cento
1m competition 4 penalties
1m 2 phase 8 penalties
Shekinah and Brashaar 90cm – 2 poles
90 cm – 4 poles
Kirsten and D’Vash, J/AD 1.00m
A2 Competition – clear 👌🏼
2 Phase – 1 pole
Katie Sime & Fit Sports Lab’s Struben1.20 competition
8 penalties
4th in Thb series🏅
Katie Sime & Fit Sports Lab’s Struben 1.20 A2 competition
1st place 🥇
1st place in Thb series🥇
Katie Sime & Fit Sports Lab’s Anarchy 1m A2 competition Lovely clear round 👌🏼
Katie Sime & Fit Sports Lab’s Anarchy1m 2phase 8 penalties
Katie Sime
Katie Sime
130m Nicola Sime and Zero 1st and 1st 🥇 🥇
1.20m Nicola and Skito 3rd and 4pen🥉
1.10m Nicola and Keme 2nd and 3rd🥈🥉
1.10m Nicola and Levi 1 time and 4pen
1.10m Nicola and Pablo clear and decided to call it in jump off after 8pen and 4pen
1m Nicola and Skippy 3rd and 7th ( Tb series 3rd in both)🥉🏅
1m Nicola and Rendevous clear and 4pen👌🏼
Nicola Sime



Welcome Back – 2024

For all your horse and rider needs, we have a shop on site.

For the riders that are like the furniture at the stables, we can’ wait to get the new year going. We look forward to yet another successful and fun filled year.

We hope to meet some new faces this year as well… Such a wonderful sport for sure 💕

The year is going to be packed full of shows and activities… So fasten your seatbelts, hold on tight and enjoy the ’ride’ 🤗 Good luck for the new year and remember, as coach Nicola says… ”Riding is a privelidge, these great majestic animals allow us to do what we want with them, a rosette is a bonus, most of all enjoy it”

If you would like to compete this year, you can join our Sunny Park Equestrian Club (SPEC) then register with SASJ. Should you need any assistance please get in touch and we will hold your hand through the process.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get frequent updates.  We will post show results and stable yard updates to keep every one in the loop. 

S.A. Champs in KZN – A post from the parents. Thank you 🤗

The South African Youth Champs are dedicated to young riders from around the country and is the final show for the year. Sunny Park Stables was represented by 10 riders & 12 horses

The Shongweni show was a huge success and made possible by the dedication of coach Nicola Sime-Riley and her right-hand man Musa Maluleke.

Sunny Park stables offer professional lessons throughout the year with expert guidance from coach Nicola, who has won every possible South African accolade available.

Musa plays an integral part in managing shows, and with multiple classes running at the same time, he is always there in the warm-up arena ensuring everyone is ready for their events.

From basic groundwork to stretching the rider and horse’s ability in the arena, in preparation for all the events during the year, building up to the Youth Champs, and having the kids at your stable yard achieve so much… This is how you as a leader, coach, champion and mum walk away from a prestigious event with pride.

As parents, we watch in awe as our children navigate through all these lessons and events during the year.

You teach our children a skill, love and a strong bond with these majestic horses and ponies that allow us to ride them. BUT most importantly you teach them perseverance and commitment that will serve them well into the future…

Nicola, Musa and the extended Sunny Park team, thank you for your dedication, love and commitment to our ponies, horses and children.





We had a very wet but hugely successfull South African Champs in KZN

Both our Pony Riders and Junior Riders made us very proud, that’s why we train in the rain at home 😂

For some of our riders it was a first of many, first away show, first SA Champs and they did it in true style.

Well done to each of our riders we are Super proud of you all 👏🏻👏🏻

Aria Pony Rider 70cm – Jumped clear in all of her classes with one or two time penalties along the way, she jumped a fnatastic clear in the first round of the team event, unfortunately had a miscommunication with her trusty steed Ripstick and they parted ways… BUT their team 🥇won their event overall.

Dinkwe Junior 80cm – Jumped some lovely rounds with a pole here and there, their team also won their event 🥇

Chuzel Pony Rider 90cm – Jumped some fantastic rounds, finishing off with a 5th and a 2nd place in two of the events

Megan Pony Rider 90cm – Also jumped some lovely rounds finishing up with a 4th and then 2nd in the Champs class, their team also won their event 🥇

Jaimie Pony Rider 90cm – Started off with a run out then jumped some lovely rounds finishing up with a 6th, 3rd and then 1st in the Champs class, their team also won their event 🥇

Luzche Junior Rider 90cm – Jumping some lovely rounds considering it was a very new partnership, super mileage and learning

Luzche Pony Rider 1m – Jumping some lovely rounds finishing with a 5th and 6th place.

Lexi Pony Rider 110cm – Jumped lovely clears with a 2nd and 2nd in the Champs class. Also winning the Victrix Ludorum

Kellen Pony Rider 120cm – Jumped some lovely rounds in the 1.10m then coach slammed a curve ball and put her in the 1.20m finishing up with a 2nd place and then 2nd in the Champs class

Kellen Junior Rider 120cm – Jumped some lovely rounds with a few poles in the classes – Good starting mileage for her Junior career.

Vicky Junior Rider 120cm – Jumped some lovely rounds with places in all 4 classes, 4th, 6th, 9th and then 4th in the Champs class in a very hot jump off

Christine Junior Rider 130cm – Jumped some lovely rounds with a pole here and there and a 7th Place


Nicola Sime-Riley and her wonderful stallion Sunny Park Stables Insaghi have finally done it, finishing up in 2nd place on the podium at Maple.

The pair jumped a nail biting double clear to win the overall World Cup Series in South Africa and clinch their place in the World Cup Finals in Saudi Arabia 2024

Nicola will go on an adventure to look for a horse to ride in Europe to ride in these finals.

We wish our Coach all the very best of luck 🍀

May you have wings and fly to reach your dreams 😇

Nicola and Insaghi flying over a triple bar where she won the WCQ leg in Brits Win at Stokkiesdraai earlier in the year Maple Ridge World Cup First Round Jump off at Maple Ridge – Final World Cup Qualifier



2022 united aviation Derby

Another successful Derby this year, thanx to KPC for arranging yet another fantastic show and a BIG shout out to all the sponsors.. Without you this show would not have been such a fabulous event!!! Well Done!!!

Thanx to United Aviation for pulling out all the stops and making it next level of awesomeness 💫

Sunny Park Fulvic Connoisseur you are such a champ, thank you for carrying us around so effortlessly. Love having you as my Derby partner you super star!!
Sunny Park Stables Fulvic Connoisseur and Nicola Sime-Riley 2022 United Aviation Derby