EC Belting – BEWARE!

[dropcap style=”font-size: 70px; color: #052b51; font-family: ‘Droid Serif’, Arial, sans-serif;”] W [/dropcap] e are a small business operating in South Africa. We’re honest in our dealings with clients and suppliers. We pay on time and our suppliers will attest to that. Recently, we paid over some money to EC Belting. We’re still waiting for our product and have even filed a docket at the police. Here is our story:

We did an EFT Payment of approximately R5900 to EC Belting. A company owned by Johan Du Toit with premises at 14 Springs Road, Putfontein, Benoni. The payment was for 111 metres of rubber belting – which was meant to be delivered on the 21st of September.

The belting never arrived.

We range Johan on the following number – 078 458 3634 – to follow up and he began to promise delivery on a daily basis but they were always followed up with excuses: truck broken, we’re just cutting the belting, we will deliver tomorrow etc.

One month lapsed. Eventually our Administrator Jan Sime went to EC Belting’s address and requested to see the belting. Mr Du Toit then told Jan he was still cutting it and asked a staff member to show Jan the belting – there was no belting on the premises and rather a few scrap pieces.

Johan assured Jan that he would deliver her order that afternoon.

Eventually it was decided to visit the local police station and open a case of theft. The warrant officer contacted Mr Du Toit and told him that if he did not deliver the goods a docket would be opened.

To date (28 October 2013) no belting has been delivered.

As a small business this is a huge knock. The amount is too small to consider taking legal action but at the same time for our size operation it is a huge knock.

We’re writing this post and sharing it on social media in the hope that someone can suggest a viable alternative to the paths we’ve already taken to obtain the product we paid for (or at least our money back).

This post is also a warning to other individuals out there. Do not use EC Belting – you will likely also be scammed and lose money.

UPDATE: We have received legal assistance following the publication of this post. We are hoping to rectify the matter.

Following this post we also received a phonecall from a lady after she saw this post. She is a small company and sent her son to fix the computers at EC Belting. Johan du Toit, the owner of EC Belting,  promised to pay after her son had fixed a second computer. He claimed to have other jobs and that he would pay. To date – no money has been paid over. He has also started telling everyone that he is in Richards Bay – which is untrue.

UPDATE (02/12/2013): Today Johan du Toit FINALLY delivered our belting.