Who teaches you at Sunny Park Stables- Our Trainers


We have amazing coaches here at Sunny Park!
apart from our Top instructor
Nicola Sime

Meet the team of instructors at Sunny Park!


We have Nikki who’s name is actually also Nicola. She is enthusiastic and energetic and will challenge you as you start to improve as a rider. Her lessons always include some humor and laughter.



Nicola (Nikki) Perry Coach at Sunny Park Stables

Lovemore is another one of our amazing coaches who is incredible with both the small children and intermediate riders. He is kind and precise with both the horse and rider. He is also one of Sunny Parks Developing Riders.

Lovemore coach at Sunny Park Stables


Natasha has been teaching at Sunny Park for a number of years now. She is passionate about developing beginner and novice riders.

Natasha Muncer coach at Sunny Park Stables


Nicola Sime-Riley 0829003067