Get well Nicky!

[dropcap style=”font-size: 70px; color: #052b51; font-family: ‘Droid Serif’, Arial, sans-serif;”] N [/dropcap] icky Berriman is one of our morning riders. She arrives every day with muffins, sweets and lots of words of encouragement. A while back a new client arrived at Sunny Park. She had left her old stable yard rather acrimoniously and, as the horses arrived at Sunny Park, looked beaten and dejected.

Nicky walked straight over to the new girl, not knowing the rough day she had had, welcomed her to Sunny Park, put her arm around her and began insisting she eat one of the chocolate muffins she had (of course aided by Blythe).

The reason for this story is that the new client really needed that friendly smile and warm heart. Without even realising it, Nicky (& Blythe) had put someone at ease and, in those kind gestures, washed away all the anger, bitterness and negativity of a previous altercation.

That’s the type of person Nicky is. She is strong, kind and nice to everyone she meets. She immediately lifts your spirits and genuinely cares about you, your horse and how your lesson went. She is our friend.

Nicky is very sick at the moment. Everyone at Sunny Park is thinking about her and her wonderful family. We all love you dearly and it is not the same in the mornings without you there.

Get better soon so you can come visit us all. This time, the muffins are on us.