May 2013 – Show results

[dropcap style=”font-size: 70px; color: #052b51; font-family: ‘Droid Serif’, Arial, sans-serif;”] W [/dropcap] e like to keep you in the loop each month by sharing some of the fantastic show results our riders have achieved in the show ring! We also send these show results to the East Region for team selection so please make sure that each month you send your show results to Here are the May 2013 results:


Maple Ridge – 4 May

Christi and Connemara Wigwam came 3rd in the 1.10 class while Katie Sime & Fit Sports Lab State Secret achieved a first place.

Marlein Greef and Eastern Reserve won their 1m class which also gave them their final qualifying round so the pair can now compete in the 1.10 classes!

Warrick competed in the 90cm classes on Oxo and came 4th and 1st. Julie was over the moon with her clever horse and his talented rider.

Nicola Sime and Magic Moment placed 1st and 6th in the 1.10 classes while Eastern Paradise came 5th in the 1.20 competition.

3rd Sanesa Qualifier – 12 May

Kate da Silva and Cruisa Son of a Gun placed 3rd and 4th in the 1.10 jumping.

Erin da Silva and Tannenhof Baron D’Or came 5th in the 1m jumping and 3rd in the 1m equitation.

KEP World Cup Qualifier – 16 May to 19 May

Michelle and Marshlands Mystic Tempest placed 5th in the 1.30 speed class.

Nicola came 8th on Crispin in the 1.30 welcome stakes, 6th in the 1.30 speed and finished in 8th place in the 1.30 Championship.

Connoisseur and Nicola placed 10th in the 1.50 speed and 2nd in the World Cup Qualifier!

El Paso and Nicola came 8th in the 1.50 Welcome Stakes, 12th in the 1.50 speed and 4th in the World Cup Qualifier.

Christi placed 12th and 18th with Conn in the 1.10 classes.

Witkoppen – 25 & 26 May

Nicola Sime and Kur Royal came 5th and 7th in the 1.20 classes.

Nicola Sime and Eastern Paradise came 3rd and 4th in the 1.20 classes.

Jade Seely got an 8th place in the 1m class while Jason Reilly and Sunny Park Stables’ Cash achieved a 3rd and 6th (also in the 1m classes).

Katie and Secret came 3rd in the 1.10 class.

Christi placed in the 90cm classes with Hero and in the 1m classes with Sunman.

Sankt Georg – 26 May

Erin and Baron came first and second in the 1m classes – definitely a pair to watch in the future!


Marlein & Eastern Reserve who have now started jumping in the 1.10 classes! Well done!