Show Results – February 2013

[dropcap style=”font-size: 70px; color: #052b51; font-family: ‘Droid Serif’, Arial, sans-serif;”] T [/dropcap] he show season is well underway and Sunny Park Stables can brag some good results! Here is an update of some of the results we have recorded. Please don’t forget to email your results (and pictures) to The Words Agency so they can post them up monthly.

Witkoppen graded jumping 02/02/2013 & 03/02/2013

Sam Pascoe and Sunny Park Stables Melissa competed in the 1.15 classes and came 2nd and 3rd.

Sam Wright on Tolano Van ‘T Riethof placed in the 1.10 competition. Sam also placed on Beausejour in the 1.20 competition.

Megan Uren received places in the 1.20 speed on both Al Azhar and Callaho Ureka.

Ericha Harding jumped Tannehof Baron D’Or in the 1.20s and have good rounds.

Nicola came 2nd and 3rd on Sunny Park Stables Crispin in the 1.20 classes. She had good rounds on Magic Moment and Kur Royal (not even five shows and they’re already doing well in the 1.10s). She also got a 3rd and 2nd place in the 1m classes with Eastern Paradise.

Katie Sime and Fit Sports Lab’s State Secret had their first show back following their unfortunate fall the year before. They placed 3rd and 8th in the 1m classes. What a start!

Jason Riley and Sunny Park Stable’s Cash placed 4th and 3rd in the 90cm while Kay Dee She achieved two 10th places in the 90cm.


Sankt Georg – 17/02/2013

Sunny Park featured in nearly every class! Laura Hibbitt competed at her first graded show with De La Rouge and placed 2nd and 3rd in the 80cm.

Megan Uren and Gennoisseur did their first 1m show and achieved a clear round followed by a 5th place.

Ericha Harding on Melling Belle got a 5th place in the 1.10 class while Marlien Greef on Eastern Reserve got a 4th place.

Christi Lynn Davis had fantastic rounds all three of her mounts.

Nicola placed in the 1.10 classes with both Kur Royal and Wedepruf.


KEP Classic – 23/02/2013

Donna and Callaho Daquiri jumped good rounds in the 1.20s.

Christi Lynn Davis placed in all her classes – Sunman in the 1m and Connemara Wigwam in the 1.10s.

Sam Wright and Beausejour jumped a double clear in the 1.30 competition. Tolano van ‘t Riethof had 4 faults in the 1.20 competition jump off and 4 faults in the speed class.

Carike Steytler and Bianca Steytler both had good rounds on their young horses in the 1.20 classes.

Nicola had 4 faults with Crispin and Caro van de Valk in the 1.20 competition while Wedepruf was in the line up. Sunny Park Stables El Paso and Sunny Park Stables Connoisseur came 5th and 9th respectively in the 1.30 competition.


Ascot – 03/03/2013

Sam and Tolano van ‘t Riethof had a clear in the 1.20 speed and one time fault in the 1.20 competition.

Nicola had 4 faults on Kur Royal in the first 1.10 class followed by a clear in the speed. Caro van de Volk won the 1.20 competition. Wedepruf placed in the 1.20 competition. Connoisseur had a 5th and 3rd place in the 1.30 classes.


Sunlands – 03/03/2013

Marlein and Eastern Reserve had a pole in each of the 1m classes.

Erin Da Silva had her first show on Tannehof Baron D’Or, she had a clear round in her first class and one pole in the second.

Katie and Fit Sports Lab State Secret got a first place in the 1m speed class, 4th in the competition and a first in the equitation!

Well done everyone. Please don’t forget to email your results and pictures to us so we can post them up.