Special website features for livery clients

[dropcap style=”font-size: 70px; color: #052b51; font-family: ‘Droid Serif’, Arial, sans-serif;”] W [/dropcap] e are living in the digital age where everything is now online. When you require information you require it RIGHT NOW and don’t have time to wait. To make the process a little bit easier we’ve added some helpful special website features for livery clients to utilise.

The special website features for livery clients include this page: Livery Clients. It can be found in the drop down menu if you hover your mouse over about. Here you will find all the passport numbers for horses in our care as well as important information relating to Equine flu injections and African Horse Sickness Injections.

By rights you will have all the information you need to register and compete at recognised shows without the admin nightmare!

dialoose_1350915155_Digital Age