Sunny Park Stables Crispin

This little horse, aka, Pocket Rocket, has the heart of a lion. By Euro Cris out of a Sharp Romance mare, home bred by Nicola who thought he would be too small for her, ended up in the riding school… but alas… this clever little boy learnt to pull his head down and pull the riders over his head and then bolt!!

Anyway, long story short, one of Nicola’s students Shené was riding him and jumped him into the 1.10m.

Nicola decided to ride him in his first 1.20m show at Shongweni Club after someone tried him out to buy. Throughout the show about 5 people approached her to sell him… “Nah I think I’ll keep him”…. and the rest is history..

This little Cracker Jack has jumped in the 1.40m classes with Nicola and proven himself against all the imports.. Nicola decided to leave him in the 1.35m as she feels its fun for him and she just loves riding him…

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