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2nd place for Nicola in the World Cup Qualifier

The weekend of the the 21st and 22nd of May was a rather eventful one sort with drama and chaos. Despite all the kafuffle, Nicola and Sunny Park Stables El Paso claimed a second place in the World Cup Qualifier held at the Equidome and continue to dominate the rider rankings as we enter the second half of the year.

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Horse abuse in secured stabling at the World Cup Qualifier in Gauteng March 2014

When a rider & horse reach the 1:50 -1:60m level and start to take part in World Cup Qualifiers which are held around the county it is a rule that these horses have to be stabled in a secure environment at the showground and horses are NOT allowed to stay anywhere else. This means that strict rules apply and only certain people can enter the stables.

These consist of the rider, the groom, the officials and veterinary personnel. All wear identification bracelets.

Officials sit outside of the gate and check who goes in and out until the all the horses are in. Then the gate is closed.

One would think that this would be enough to safeguard the horses’ welfare and that the show holding body had done their job.


At one of these shows a horse was found to be in severe pain and had great difficulty walking. The vet on duty thought it was a bee sting that had caused the severe burn and swelling on his chest and underarms. The rider disputed this as there was a distinct acidic smell in the stable.

A sample of the horse’s blood was taken and this sample was sent away to be tested by the vet on duty.  A second sample of blood and hair was sent by the rider to the local vet and this was sent to the Jockey Club to be tested.

Both samples of blood came back negative. The hair sample came back positive for a solvent. This means that someone who was allowed into the secured stable went into this horse’s stable and put on a solvent that caused severe pain to the horse and burned the skin severely which caused the hair to fall out. The horse was in severe pain for three days.

After many discussions and emails to various people running this show nothing has been done to give assurance that more adequate security will be put in place and the cameras in the vicinity fixed. In other words no-one cares. Don’t make waves for the good of the sport.

If that is the case then the memory is short as this kind of horse abuse hit the headlines of The Star more than 10 years ago warranting one sporting celebrity being banned from competing in this country.

When we stand up to salute the horse at this year’s SA Derby please take note that something is amiss in this sport.

There is a maniac out there working or mingling amongst us. BEWARE!!!



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