Leovet Vitamin-Active

Vitmin-Active with handy portion pump (1000ml)

A supplemental feed with ten vitamins, eight minerals, ginseng and yeast.

Yields strength and support for high performance and during recovery. Offsets the effects of inadequate nutrition. Strengthens and harmonizes, reducing stress-related reactions. Makes shedding of the coat easier, and lets the hair really shine, also enhancing the immune system. Provides foals with important nutrients during lactation.

Vitality via vitamins: Vitamins help the metabolism run smoothly. They improve the build-up of muscle and enhance overall fitness and conditioning. Actively enhances the horse’s willingness to perform.

Strength from minerals and trace elements: Minerals are very important for the body, and serve as building blocks for the bones, blood, teeth and cells. They regulate muscle contractions, the metabolism and activate many enzymes.

Inner equilibrium from ginseng: Ginseng harmonizes body and soul, and strengthens the ability to deal with inner and outer pressures and stress.

Well-being from yeast: Improves intestinal flora, thereby reducing disorders of the stomach and intestines. Increases the quality of the hoof and adds shine to the coat.

Test it on your own horse and see just how well the liquid formula is absorbed by the equine system.